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Undo Journal

A Climate Conscious Valentine's Day!
Growing Together, Blooming Together!   The best part of running a business is getting to work with people you love and there are no better work pals than family! My sister in law Rachel and I have been partners in...
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PRAIRIE Candle: Crafting a sustainable scent with Vanillin, a Greener Alternative to Vanilla
In the fragrant world of candles, the sweet aroma of vanilla is a timeless favourite! However, the vanilla industry is not as sweet as it seems. In this blog, we unravel the environmental challenges surrounding vanilla essential oil and shed light on how Undo's PRAIRIE candle is making a positive impact with a conscious choice – vanillin derived from sustainably sourced wood.
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Low Impact Product Photography
What is the role of product photography and marketing in how we can reduce impact on the planet? We are speaking to nature photographer, Rebecca Walker at Wild Aura Photography.
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The Ethical Landscape of Carbon Credits
An article in The Guardian last week stating that shoppers 'should be wary' of carbon offset credibilty, has prompted discussion around social media again on the validity of carbon credits. This blog explains what carbon credits are, how and why...
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