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Undo Journal

black friday ethical deals
We can't let Black Friday rush by without taking a moment to talk about how it does or doesn't resonate with what we stand for at Undo.  Being a company focused on conscious consumerism we did consider opting out altogether...
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Ingredient Spotlight - Ambrox Super
We intend to share lots about the delicious essential oils in Ocean, from the woody Haitian vetiver to the aromatic lavandin grown at high altitudes in France. But we're conscious that we have spent a lot of time exploring the...
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5 Ways to Save the Rainforest
"If we lose the world's forests, we lose the fight against climate change. Rainforests are our Earth's greatest utility – our planet's lungs, thermostat and air-conditioning system.” – Michael Somare, 1936-2021. Tropical rainforests are incredibly diverse, containing over half of the...
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greenwashing button on keyboard
Can't take credit for the pun in the title here, this was first published in an academic paper by the person who coined the term greenwashing.  An environmentalist called Jay Westerveld was staying at a hotel in Fiji while on...
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Reducing Impact through Packaging
For brands who take environmental responsibility seriously, questions need to be asked right the way though the product life from the beginnings of research and development, sourcing and manufacturing, producing the product for sale to its ultimate use and disposal....
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