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From the equipment we use in our workshop to the ingredients we pour into our candles, we carefully consider where everything has come from, how it has been produced and the impact it has. Our mission is to achieve carbon neutrality without the need for offsetting.

The graphic design, product testing and crafting of the final products all happen here in Greater Manchester. We use a designer in Handforth, Cheshire, for all our our packaging designs. All of our boxes are made from card manufactured in the UK at a printers in Leeds. Our recyclable boxes are carbon neutral. We achieve this by working constantly to reduce carbon emissions in the production and delivery of the paper, and compensating for the remaining emissions through the sponsorship of carbon-reduction projects. This process is certified and verified by World Land Trust.
Our solid ash lids are made from timber sourced from England and Germany. They are cut and engraved by a woodturner in the Midlands. Many products use American sourced wood for their lids, they look and feel just the same and are much cheaper, however they carry a larger carbon footprint due to emissions from tranport to the UK. Choosing the same material sourced closer to home is lowering our footprint, bringing us closer to becoming carbon neutral and reducing our reliance on offsetting.
Our fragrances are designed and blended by an independent perfumer in the south of England. Every ingredient is selected due to its sustainability profile. We consult the list of threatrened, near-threatened and CITES protected plants used in Perfumery. This list is published twice a year by Airmid Institute, a charity with a mission to protecting medicinal and aromatic plants for future generations. Our choice to use both natural and synthetic molecules where appropriate in our blends is guided by a belief that nature, science and technology can work in harmony to create exciting compositions and to best support the future of our planet.
Our wax comes from non GM rapeseed crops in Germany. Rapeseed oil is pressed at low temperature and hydrogenated to form a solid wax. Rapeseed wax is completely biodegradable. We use a tiny amount of coconut wax as an additive to soften the rapeseed wax, this reduces the chance of wax being left at the edge of the jar and going to waste. Our coconut wax is manufactured in Germany and we are still working on tracing the country of origin or finding an alternative that offers better traceability.
All our glass is manufactured in Italy and is then coloured in the south of England with water based paints. Glass is made from sand, soda ash and limestone. It is reusable and infinitely recyclable. 75% of all glass put on the market in the UK is collected for recycling and the industry is making huge steps in reducing emissions in manufacturing. We are not there yet, but the aim is to deliver climate-neutral glass packaging and projects like 'Furnace for the Future' (building the world's first large scale hybrid electric furnance) are driving change in the industry.

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If you have any questions about our sourcing or manufacturing; or if you are a manufacturer/supplier that believes they have a better alternative with lower impact, to our current sources, please get in touch.

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