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We are committed to providing the highest quality products to our customers whilst showing care and kindness to the environment. We will assess the legitimacy of the details we provide on any aspects where our business is making a positive impact for the environment based on criteria taken from the Competition and Markets Authority, UK.


1. The claim is accurate and clear for all to understand

2. There’s up-to-date, credible evidence to show that the green claim is true

3. The claim clearly tells the whole story of a product or service; or relates to one part of the product or service without misleading people about the other parts or the overall impact on the environment

4. The claim doesn’t contain partially correct or incorrect aspects or conditions that apply

5. Where general claims (eco-friendly, green or sustainable for example) are being made, the claim reflects the whole life cycle of the brand, product, business or service and is justified by the evidence

6. If conditions (or caveats) apply to the claim, they’re clearly set out and can be understood by all

7. The claim won’t mislead customers or other suppliers

8. The claim doesn’t exaggerate its positive environmental impact, or contain anything untrue – whether clearly stated or implied

9. Durability or disposability information is clearly explained and labelled

10. The claim doesn’t miss out or hide information about the environmental impact that people need to make informed choices

11. Information that really can’t fit into the claim can be easily accessed by customers in another way (QR code, website, etc.)

12. Features or benefits that are necessary standard features or legal requirements of that product or service type, aren’t claimed as environmental benefits

13. If a comparison is being used, the basis of it is fair and accurate, and is clear for all to understand

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It is the duty of every business, under the consumer protection law, to be honest and clear when making environmental claims about a product or process. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you would like more information about any claim made about Undo products, ingredients, materials or processes, especially if you see any instances of potential greenwashing - let's keep the conversation going. We would love you to be part of our journey.

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