Scented Candles

Scented Candles

    Responsibly crafted candles with exclusively formulated fragrances inspired by the ecosystems. Each ingredient and material has been carefully selected for both their high quality and low impact on the planet. We believe in restoring the balance between luxury and sustainability.


    Classic prairie florals meet the sophistication of hay absolute. Lashings of sun ripened fruits and sweet sugarcane layered into the top make this a joyous and outdoorsy scent. 

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    Celebrate the colourful diversity of the rainforest's past and hopeful future. Botanic notes recall flora species that once flourished, and an extraordinary composition of materials envision an undiscovered, mystery fruit.

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     The familiarity of the ocean with sparks of added wonder! Sea salt air carrying delicious memories of driftwood and delicate florals. Italian bergamot and lemon blended with lavandin add a spa-like freshness.

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