PRAIRIE Candle: Crafting a sustainable scent with Vanillin, a Greener Alternative to Vanilla

PRAIRIE Candle: Crafting a sustainable scent with Vanillin, a Greener Alternative to Vanilla

In the fragrant world of candles, the sweet aroma of vanilla is a timeless favourite! However, the vanilla industry is not as sweet as it seems. In this blog, we unravel the environmental challenges surrounding vanilla essential oil and shed light on how Undo's PRAIRIE candle is making a positive impact with a conscious choice – vanillin derived from sustainably sourced wood.

The Trouble with Vanilla

The allure of vanilla originates from the delicate orchids of the vanilla plant, currently classified as endangered on the IUCN Red List. With 10% of essential oil-bearing plants facing extinction, the quest for environmentally conscious choices in fragrance is crucial for the health of the planet.

Vanilla's Global Conundrum

As desire for vanilla soars globally, the delicate balance between supply and demand has crumbled. This has led to deforestation and environmental havoc. The consequences extend beyond climate change, reaching the heart of biodiversity, such as the endangered lemurs in Madagascar. Thankfully, there are alternatives that are kinder for the earth.

Undo's Sustainable Solution - Meet Vanillin

In crafting the PRAIRIE candle, Undo has substituted natural vanilla with vanillin, the chemical compound primarily responsible for the enticing aroma and flavour of vanilla. Unlike the commonly used petroleum-derived vanillin, Undo's vanillin is extracted from sustainably produced wood which contributes 29 times less CO2e into the atmosphere. Our Norwegian farm pioneers one of the world's most sustainable forestry practices, planting a new tree for every one harvested, aligning with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change recommendations for combating the climate crisis.

Rethinking Ingredient Choices

Undo challenges the status quo of ingredient selection. Instead of fixating on "natural" ingredients, the emphasis is on what is best for the environment. The call is for the industry to prioritize transparency regarding ingredient origins and their environmental impact and to leave behind the simplistic, and somewhat misleading narrative that natural is best for people and planet. Afterall, an effective way to look after and care for nature is to refuse the use of threatened and limited natural resources and to support the use of low impact alternatives. This shift in focus promises a brighter, greener future for product formulation.

Empowering Informed Consumer Choices

As consumers, having the ability to make informed choices is crucial. Undo envisions a future where consumers can scan product labels and confidently choose items contributing to a sustainable future. By advocating for ingredient transparency, the industry can empower consumers to be eco-conscious with their purchases, creating a ripple effect towards a greener planet.

Sustainable Future of Fragrance

The PRAIRIE candle not only fills your space with a delightful aroma but also represents a commitment to environmental responsibility. By choosing sustainably sourced wood-derived vanillin over traditional vanilla, Undo sets a precedent for an industry that prioritizes the planet. As consumers, let's embrace the power of informed choices, supporting brands that echo our commitment to a greener, more sustainable future.

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