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Candle on forest floor with Undo logo and Wild Aura logo

This week we are deep diving into how Undo produce marketing images as part of our journey to reduce impact on the planet. We are speaking to nature photographer, Rebecca Walker at Wild Aura Photography.

Conscious Choices

For an environmentally conscious brand, it's vital we look at the finer details because it's the stories behind all of the moving parts of a brand, what's really going on under the bonnet, that makes a difference. Working with Rebecca Walker at Wild Aura Photography, we asked 'How can we reduce our impact on the planet, through the product images we take and share with our customers?'
Rebecca has taken over our socials this week to share with us her best practice when it comes to environmentally friendly photography. The difference between Wild Aura and many other product photography companies out there is that Wild Aura promotes natural lighting and getting outside (locally) of the studio wherever possible. She even takes her two dogs out on the shoots where she can! Rebecca values connecting with nature and local landscapes and brings this into her work with most shoots taking place walking distance from her home in forests and areas of natural beauty in Northumberland. 

The image is of Rebecca holding a camera. She is taking a photo of a candle box on the forest floor.

Tell me about how you got into photography?

I’ve always been creative, from a young age I enjoyed drawing and reading to let my imagination run wild. Exploring the world through photography - especially the outdoors - was a natural progression as I got older. When I got to sixth form, I was about to study all three sciences and I wanted to pick a fourth subject that balanced my more academic subjects. I loved studying photography and it allowed me to hone my skills and understand all of the different elements of my camera. It was something I made sure to carry on with throughout my Zoology degree, before combining my passions by creating Wild Aura Photography.

What is environmentally conscious photography?

The main aspect of environmentally friendly photography is to consider the impact of your photoshoot on the environment. Whether that be the energy output or the number and origin of the resources required. In my own photography, I enjoy using natural lighting and source as many props as I can from fellow small businesses, with botanicals used as much as possible. I particularly enjoy outdoor shoots, I am extremely lucky to live in the beautiful Northumberland with many locations on my doorstep. I always solely use natural lighting when out on location and always ensure that there is no trace of the photoshoot left at any site.

What key factors do brands need to consider when positioning their products in natural spaces?

Just as I consider the origins and resources that I use in my photography, it is important for brands who care about sustainability to also consider this in their products so that when positioned in nature, they don’t feel out of place.

candle jar and box on forest floor

How did you find the right natural location for our RAINFOREST candle?

I always scout locations before a photoshoot so that I can find the perfect setting for each product. I loved the deep green of the UNDO candle jar, and found that the mosses in the woods local to me would compliment this perfectly. I also found that the warm tones of the fallen pine needles would provide the perfect contrast to the green, and would enhance the golden notes of the UNDO logo on the box. The candle looked completely at home in the landscape, a testament to the consideration given to the design.

I particularly wanted to use these woods as they were once the site of a coal mine, with the trees being planted after the mine was closed in an effort to regenerate the land. I felt that this aligned with UNDO’s ethos and passion for green spaces.

What is next for Wild Aura Photography?

I’m always looking for the next exciting project to be a part of, Wild Aura Photography is constantly evolving and developing new ways to help small businesses. I love helping brands showcase themselves at their best and allowing their customers to see the core values of their brand through imagery. 

Thank you to Wild Aura Photographs for all your help and advice this week!

You can see Undo's nature inspired photographs on our instagram, along with Rebecca's behind the scenes insights over on her own page here.

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