Rainforest Narratives - A Paper Tale

Rainforest Narratives - A Paper Tale

Why Include Orchids in Our RAINFOREST Scent?

I've been on a mission to capture the essence of the ghost orchid for quite some time! This magnificent flower, is globally celebrated as one of the rarest and most mysterious plants in our ecosystems. It's delicate beauty and its story of hope and survival amidst looming threats made it a perfect inspiration for our scent design.

The tropical ghost orchid, which thrives in tropical climates, is officially classified as endangered, with only around 2,000 left in their natural habitats. When orchids make it onto the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, it's a significant signal. These stunning plants often give the first clues that something is amiss in terms of biodiversity.

A Fragrance Inspired by Nature

When it came to our fragrance design, we wanted to honour the ghost orchid without actually using the flower itself. Scientists have discovered that the ghost orchid’s most enchanting fragrance, reminiscent of freshly cut apples, is strongest in the morning. To capture this beautiful scent, we blended fruitier molecules with notes of gardenia and ylang-ylang to reflect the orchid’s powdery, intoxicating aroma.

Capturing the Orchid’s Spirit

Ghost orchids are incredibly rare, to the point that some are even illegally trafficked due to their status as a coveted luxury. Recently, Kew Gardens in South-West London received one as a donation from the Chicago Botanic Garden. You can now admire this precious flower in a terrarium within the Prince of Wales Conservatory where you can be assured it has reached the UK in an ethical and sustainable way.

For our project, Undo, we sought unique ways to represent this exquisite flower in our imagery. This is where the talented Cass Eyre from Paper and Bloom came into the picture!

Nature Reimagined with Paper and Bloom

Cass's paper flower studio is nestled in the heart of Tunbridge Wells, a region renowned for its natural beauty. Spend a little time here, and it's easy to see where she draws her inspiration!

“A design starts with the flower itself. I love observing them in their natural habitat. There's a special joy in studying gardens and flowers, and I’m especially fascinated by the anatomy of flora and fauna.”

Cass worked in the wedding industry for 10 years before discovering a more sustainable way to offer beautiful floral arrangements.

“I was appalled by the waste in my industry, particularly how many stunning fresh flowers are discarded—99% of them! So, I began crafting crepe paper blooms, and it became a passion. Now, I’m on a mission to bring this ancient craft into more homes and weddings.”

Cass’s creations are made from biodegradable crepe paper, which, when cared for properly, can last much longer than traditional cut flowers. This way, her clients can enjoy the beauty of their bouquets for many years to come!

You can explore more of Cass’s work at paperandbloomuk

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