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Simply awesome

The room fills up quickly with this delicious scent and it is so relaxing. I also adore the wooden lid - it looks lovely on my table and have had many comments from friends. Very happy!

Just love this candle...

We absolutely love this candle, it looks gorgeous and smells wonderful! The candle itself burns slowly and we have been using it most evenings. I'm often disappointed when buying candles but I love the scent of 'Ocean' it fills the room without being overpowering and it lasts. The packaging is beautifully original and unboxing the candle is an experience in itself. It is reassuring to know you are buying from a sustainable brand who has paid thought and attention to every little part of the process and made the most eco conscious choices from start to finish whilst creating a super luxury, high quality product.

Thank you for leaving feedback, so glad to hear you appreciate the detail in the packaging, an immersive unboxing experience is exactly what we are wanting to create. Great to know you are enjoying Ocean!

Amazing smell!

Love the smell of this candle and lasts for a long time too! Definitely will be getting another one!

Thank you for the lovely feedback!

Fantastic quality, gorgeous scent

I absolutely love my Undo candle. The scent is so calming, quality is exceptional and I love the sustainable credentials it boasts. Would highly recommend and would make a great gift for yourself or others!

Thank you for stopping by to leave us a review! Both Mimosa Absolute and Goldenmosa are said to have a calming effect so your comments are really great to hear!

A beautiful candle that smells good and does good!

There are many candle brands on the market today, but from the ingredients to the packaging, few take their environmental responsibility as seriously as UNDO. Thoughtfully created and luxuriously delivered, their products will not disappoint! The luxury price tag is more than justified by the quality of the product and the efforts that have gone into its considered creation, not to mention the impressive burn time.

The Rainforest candle is a fusion of fruity, flowery, spicy and woody notes. I won’t pretend to be a fantastic wordsmith, and describing scents is definitely not one of my strengths. I can say that the depth of the Rainforest fragrance is notable - not one layer dominates the other, yet each is discernible.

Like all natural candles, the throw of the scent is subtle, not overwhelming, which is perfect for someone like me who is sensitive to powerful smells and struggles with headaches from synthetic fragrances. The result for me was a pleasant background scent, which after burning for an hour or so left a gentle trace that my husband picked up on when returning home - a scent he described as “comforting”, and I absolutely couldn’t have said it better myself!

Thanks UNDO for such a beautiful creation.

Thank you so much for stopping by to leave a review!

Saving the Rainforest never smelt so good!

The Rainforest candle is stunning. From the sustainable packaging, to the sweet scents of ginger, peach and gardenia wafting around my living room.

A guilt free delight!

What a way to donate to charity!
Very happy with my purchase.

Thank you for the feedback, so glad you like your candle!