The best place to start is here!

The best place to start is here!

We are on an ambitious mission for a brand that not only supports the regeneration of the ecosystems but also creates NO impact on the planet.

I've been documenting the journey from my very first conversations with suppliers and manufacturers three years ago, up to launching our first 3 products on World Environmental Health Day (26th September) this year.

I want to share some of this to raise awareness of the challenges for brands like Undo, who want to decarbonise and who are limited to working as fast as industry advances will allow, and also to highlight some of the brilliant positive things happening that support the way companies and customers can look after the planet.

Why Home Fragrance?

We love home fragrance, but not at the expense of the planet. It is our mission to play a key part in significant global reduction of carbon emissions from the fragrance industry through products that lead and drive positive change. If we can't produce candles in a way that shows care and respect for our ecosystems then we just won't make candles.

From the molecules that make up each fragrance to the way the boxes are cut and printed, you can track our journey to carbon neutrality right here. We're building a brand that aims to redefine sustainable home fragrance, there are so many brilliant things happening in the perfume industry right now, it's time that air care is brought firmly into that space.

This is our imperfect, messy, complicated and hopeful journey and thank you for coming along.

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