5 Ways to Save the Rainforest

5 Ways to Save the Rainforest

"If we lose the world's forests, we lose the fight against climate change. Rainforests are our Earth's greatest utility – our planet's lungs, thermostat and air-conditioning system.” – Michael Somare, 1936-2021.

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Tropical rainforests are incredibly diverse, containing over half of the earth’s species of animals and plants with over 100 new species discovered there each year! These amazing forests provide us with medicines, food and of course oxygen. All the things we need for a healthy and happy life! 

Rainforests are also crucial for our fight against climate change. Tropical trees don't only store carbon, they also extract it from the atmosphere. They play such an important role in restoring balance to the ecosystems we depend on. 

Rainforest conservation

5 Ways to save the rainforest

Acres of Rainforest are lost every second and yet only around 20% of the world's forests are protected by law. (research.wri.org). Here are 5 changes you can make to your buying habits to support the rainforest.

1. Look for products that invest in Rainforest conservation.

Investment in the protection and conservation of these forests is needed so we can stop the current loss of 10K acres each day. (rate of loss taken from www.panda.org)

Rainforest Trust UK partner with community organisations to ensure long term protection of tropical ecosystems. A proportion of profit from each of our Rainforest candles sold goes to support the work of the Rainforest Trust. 

2. Limit beef from your diet.

According to Our World In Data, agriculture is responsible for 60 to 80% of deforestation of our Rainforests, therefore what we consume, where it’s sourced from, and how it is produced is our strongest lever to bring it to an end. The key drivers for deforestation are beef and soy production, one of the reasons, though not exclusively' why Undo has chosen to use rapeseed wax to produce our candles as an alternative to soy (more about this in a future blog!). (And thankfully you won't find any beef in our candles either!!).

3. Choose responsibly sourced products

Demand transparency from brands about their sourcing methods and the origins of their materials and/or ingredients. For example, fragrances can contain a magnitude of ingredients, it's helpful to know more about their origins to understand the impact on wildlife and forests. Also, logging for threatened woods can contribute to deforestation in the tropics. Undo uses solid hardwood lids sourced within Europe and never use the oils of threatened plants.

4. Buy Fair Trade

Ensure that indigenous communities are valued and supported through the brands you spend your money with. Undo subscribes to The Airmid Institute who not only offer guidance on threatened and near threatened plants, they also work with indigenous communities to share traditional and ecological knowledge of plants to both protect and promote them. 

5. Help Spread the Word

Brands can only flourish if we continue to invest in them. Every £1 you spend is like a vote for the future you want for our environment. The future of industries like fast fashion will be decided by how we spend what's in our pocket. Help businesses who are working hard for the planet to do more work by leaving reviews and sharing their news.

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