Ingredient Spotlight - Goldenmosa

Ingredient Spotlight - Goldenmosa

Sourcing Ingredients within a circular economy

The use of ingredients that are not threatened or endangered and are harvested ethically is of course a primary issue for Undo. Alongside this we are seeking ingredients from manufacturers who are focused on reducing their own environmental impact to support our mission to be a carbon neutral brand. The company we source Solidago from isn’t only championing radical transparency by providing details about their operations, processes and harvest sites, they are advocates of eliminating waste and emissions. BoreA Canada say

“The genesis of our company is based on a circular economy. We value the unused by products of other companies and encourage the involvement of local communities. Quality, sustainability and authenticity matters to us.”

A vote for the future we want

Choosing to partner with BoreA Canada for our Goldenmosa (Solidago canadensis), a crucial note in our Prairie blend, means that we are not only given the reassurance of traceability, (including an Ecocert certificate that verifies the ingredient is organic and derived from renewable resources and manufactured using environmentally friendly processes.) but also the knowledge that our purchasing choices are supporting positive change in the industry through our own investment. At Undo, every pound we spend on ingredients and materials is like a vote for the future we believe in. We actively look to source from, and therefore support, companies who are talking about environmental impact and are motivated to reduce it.

Reducing Emissions

circular economy diagram

Illustration taken from Borea Canada website shows the use of a circular distillation process for Goldenmosa, in symbiosis with an electricity generation plant that uses biomass. They explain that  “the process creates steam from our residual material which is used as fuel. This creates a 60% reduction in greenhouse gas emission (GHG), compared to conventional processes.”

For small independent brands it’s not just about the choice of ingredients or materials, it’s about opening up the conversation with our suppliers on how these were produced and the impact from this. It’s really important that we pay attention to where our natural resources are coming from and the impact left behind. In the fragrance industry, any perfumer can tell you that a high quality composition will contain a large number of molecules and Goldenmosa is just one small piece of the puzzle that makes up our Prairie candle. It’s only through giving the attention to detail and the value of time to each element of the product that we can confidently claim to have made the best choices on behalf of the planet but each conscious choice is bringing us a step closer.

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