Founded 2022


Mission: To design and create exceptional fragrances with the lowest possible impact on the planet. We want to inspire other brands to adopt better decarbonisation strategies so that we, as an industry, can restore balance to the ecosystems we depend on.



From manufacturers in our supply chain to the retailers we serve, we actively seek to partner with those who are open to talk about their own environmental impact and the measures they are taking to reduce it.


It's through our commitment to care for the environment that we find our creativity. We want to delight our customers with unique scents and tell an important story about how we can better look after our planet.


Our decisions are guided by a strong moral compass. Accepting our flaws ensures we can always do better! No half truths and glossy marketing slogans, just real measurable impact.



Hannah Austin started her home fragrance career creating candles for craft markets and selling products to independent retailers in the North and South of England. Founder and Director of Undo, she pours the candles in a workshop in Greater Manchester. Working with a small number of freelancers and contractors to support product development. "Sustainability is at the centre of all interactions. The people that partner with Undo fully support our mission to provide the best quality with the lowest possible footprint."


With experience working for independent and large scale fragrance brands in Europe and America, Harry Sherwood has a wealth of knowledge of perfume materials and their resulting impact on the environment.
The molecules in each blend have been selected for producing a low impact on the environment. No endangered or threatened plant species have been used and chemicals assessed as toxic to the environment have been avoided. All blends are biodegradable and vegan.


Anna Van Der Feltz has spent 25 years working with design agencies and brands in Manchester and London. She fell in love with fashion and with elegant, timeless design early in her career and has a skill for finding beauty in simple things.
Anna has led on the visual interpretation of Undo's sustainable goals and core values. She approached the requirement for sustainable materials and processes with a luxurious touch. It's all in the details!


With 20 years experience working in florists of all sizes in and around Manchester, Rachel Austin now practises sustainability management for her industry. Launching Ethical Floristry in 2022, Rachel's aim is to help & encourage florists and customers to still enjoy the luxury of flowers in the most eco friendly way!
Rachel sources flowers from local growers within the UK for her floral photo set designs.


Neil Flitcroft is a Manchester based photographer and director. He specialises in food and drink photography at his shared studio space in Poynton. Starting as a retoucher and organically shifting behind camera has given him a keen technical eye to add to his creative and playful flair.

Shooting products locally allows us to keep our transport footprint as low as possible.

visual storyteller

Rebecca Walker is founder of product photography Wild Aura. Wild Aura promotes natural lighting and getting outside of the studio wherever possible. She even takes her two dogs out on the shoots where she can! Rebecca values the local landscapes with most shoots taking place in forests and areas of natural beauty in Northumberland. 



Wax from non GM rapeseed crops in Germany. The oil is pressed at low temperatures and hydrogenated to form solid wax. Rapeseed wax is completely biodegradable*. We add a small amount of coconut wax, manufactured in Germany, to improve performance of the product.


Every ingredient is selected for it's sustainability profile. We avoid oils from the list of threatrened, near-threatened and CITES protected plants. We will always prioritise natural ingredients while also ensuring the highest quality and reducing environmental impact through each composition.


Glass jar manufactured in Italy and coloured in the south of England with water based paints. 75% of all glass put on the market in the UK is collected for recycling, although candle glass is not typically accepted in residential glass bins. The best thing you can do for the environment is reuse your glass.


Solid ash lid made from timber sourced within Europe. Cut and engraved by a woodturner in the Midlands. American wood looks and feels just the same and is cheaper, however it carries a larger carbon footprint due to transportation emissions. We prioritise materials with the lowest possible impact.


Wicks manufactured in Germany using green electricity. They are made with braided cotton and coated with wax for further stability. We are delighted that our wicks hold an ISO certificate that guarentees the exeptional quality of the braid - EN ISO 9001:2015


Boxes made from card manufactured at a printers in Leeds. The recyclable boxes are carbon neutral. We achieve this by working constantly to reduce carbon emissions in the production and delivery of the paper. This process is certified and verified by World Land Trust.

* Note on our green claim that rapeseed wax is biodegrabable. According to ISO 14855:1999 the acceptable biodegradability standard is less than 6 months. Rapeseed wax will take up to 2 months to biodegrade in the right conditions.

our ecosystems


Just 5% of the Earth’s remaining meadows are preserved making them the least protected biome. For each Prairie candle sold, £1 goes to Bumblebee Conservation Trust who look after the bees that pollinate our crops and wildflowers.


Carbon is released into the atmosphere as CO2 any time a tree burns down. £1 from each Rainforest candle sold goes to Rainforest Climate Action Fund who are reducing impacts of climate change by protecting our tropical forests.


Climate change is one of the most critical issues threatening our ocean by damaging habitats. £1 from each Ocean candle goes to Just One Ocean who run projects globally to restore and protect vulnerable aquatic ecosystems.