Undo is a celebration of unique and diverse home fragrances designed in harmony with nature.


Trust and Integrity

From our own manufacturers to the customers we serve, we actively seek to work with companies who are open about their own environmental impact and the measures they are taking to reduce it.

Creative and Visionary

It is through our commitment to care for the environment that we find our creativity. We want to delight our customers with unique scents and tell an important story about how we can better look after our planet.

Bold and Brave

Our decisions are guided by a strong moral compass. Undo offers clarity about where we are on the sustainability journey. Accepting our flaws ensures we can always do better. No half truths and glossy marketing slogans. We want real measurable impact.

note from founder

 "When it comes to making candles in a truly sustainable way, the fragrance industry is still learning and innovating. Undo exists as an ambitious work in progress. With a passion for both home fragrance and for protecting the planet, it is our vision to play a key role in driving the change towards significant global reduction of carbon emissions from the fragrance industry. Undo is carbon neutral in our Scope 1 and 2 emissions. We are tracking and reducing Scope 3 to reach net zero by 2025.

I'm doing my best to care for the Earth and to build an ethical brand that redefines sustainable perfumery. My promise is to always work harder to restore the environment than to take from it."

-Hannah Austin

Meet The team

Undo works with a number of local, national and international manufacturers, designers and all-round good humans. You can read more about who we work with, where and how they work, and their views on sustainabilty by exploring our ever evolving map and journal below.