Bumblebee Conservation

Bumblebee Conservation

When we created the fragrances for Undo, we were clear that each one should be created as a way to support the restoration of nature as well as to celebrate many the wonderful scents from around the world.

Our brand tagline is 'Reduce Impact. Restore Balance.' For us, part of restoring balance involves understanding the places that our ingredients and materials come from, to work out how best to support nature to thrive there.

With each fragrance designed around an ecosystem, we wanted a small donation from each sale to go to a related charity. For our Prairie fragrance, we looked for a charity that protects bees.

Bumblebees are great pollinators! They have a vital role in producing much of the food we grow to eat. In real terms, pollinating insects are estimated to contribute £600million worth of crops a year to the UK.

Currently 80% of UK plants are pollinated by insects. Decline of bumblebees will result in the extremely high cost of us relying on pollinating plants in other ways.

Unlike many other insects, bumblebees only feed on flowers and so one of the best ways to support their survival is to plant flowers. From Sunflowers in April right through to Sweet Pea in September, even potted flowers will attract hungry bees!

Another way to support the survival of bumblebees in the UK is to support the bumblebee conservation trust. This registered charity has a vision for a world where bumblebees are thriving and valued. 

Over the last century, two species of bumblebees in the UK have been declared extinct and 8 more classed as vulnerable due to severe decline in numbers. For each PRAIRIE candle sold, £1 goes directly to the Bumblebee Conservation Trust to support their mission to increase the number and distribution of bumblebees in the UK.

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