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We can't let Black Friday rush by without taking a moment to talk about how it does or doesn't resonate with what we stand for at Undo. 

Being a company focused on conscious consumerism we did consider opting out altogether as we want to be careful not to send mixed message here! We believe in buy less, buy better that's true. Undo is not a company with masses of over purchased stock to shift. Undo is not a company that can slash prices and still produce our candles in an affordable way.  But we are a company who understand that shoppers are looking for gifts in the run up to Christmas and that there is an opportunity here to run with the momentum of Black Friday and raise more awareness for the conservation projects we support.

We are a big supporter of Work For Good, a company that make it very easy for businesses like Undo to donate to charity in a transparent way. When they contacted us with details of their campaign surrounding this popular shopping week - 'Gift For Good', everything we had been thinking about clicked into place!

Until midnight on Sunday 27th November, customers can purchase any of our three candles and be awarded £5 off. Alongside this, our usual £1 donation to our designated charities will be increased to £5 per item sold! 

black friday ethical candle brand


You can find out more about these brilliant charities by clicking the links below.

Each Prairie Candle sold donates £5 instead of £1 to Bumblebee Conservation Trust

Each Ocean Candle sold donates £5 instead of £1 to Just One Ocean

Each Rainforest Candle sold donates £5 instead of £1 to Rainforest Trust UK


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